The Pyrex Series: Favorite Finds

Saturday, April 10, 2010

To hold everyone over until Tuesday's Pyrex post on the numbering system, I thought I'd post about some of my favorite finds!

Daisy Refrigerator Set! AHH!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I picked up this complete Daisy Refrigerator set at my favorite church thrift shop last summer. I'm pretty sure it was never used. I almost screamed out loud when I found it was only $12!

Tulip Promotional Casserole, originally uploaded by jenib320.
After a long day of having no luck thrifting or garage sale-ing in the rain, we stopped in a little antique store and found this Promotional Tulip Casserole. It was #2 on my most wanted list! It came with it's cradle and was only $9!

Spring Blossom, originally uploaded by jenib320.
This Spring Blossom Green Cinderella bowl set was a Craigslist find. It was still in the box, the woman had received it as a wedding gift and never opened it. When I replied to the ad, there were two people ahead of me, but neither showed up, so I was next in line! It was only $10!

Pink Butterprint, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I just recently completed this set of Pink Butterprint casseroles. It wasn't a very thrifty set, I paid the price, but it is one of my very favorites. It took me over a year to complete it!

Friendship Cinderella Bowls, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I was very proud when this Friendship Cinderella Bowl set came together. I found the two patterned bowls at a flea market last spring and over the winter I happened to pick up the other bowls. I didn't even realize I had completed it right away! :)

What are your favorite Pyrex finds?


  1. I love that I just came home and saw this post! Super fantastic!!! That little fridge set is GREAT! Also, did spring blossom come as a fridge set? I got a little small dish of it a few weeks ago for $1 with no lid! haha!

  2. i have a few questions...
    when did you start collecting? what got you going?
    do you use your dishes?
    my absolute favorites are that last cinderella set with the orange and red! lovelovelove!

  3. Hi there! just found your blog thru the vintage sheet swap #2 blog hop. Love your blog! Love all your pyrex and thrifting posts!

  4. I am so insanely jealous. I've never come across a Pyrex refrigerator piece, let alone a set. My family could quite happily move in and take over your place: Pyrex, vintage treasures, and a bunny. What else do you need?

  5. I hate you....then I love you..... then I hate you again....

    M xxx

  6. WOW,you know how to find them,love the colours of all your pyrex,but i must say the Daisy Refrigerator set is GORGEOUS:-)thrifting is fun!

  7. i love it all! especially the pink. i've passed up a couple pink things lately and i think i am mad at myself. :( i did buy a new aqua one though with a divider in it. :) yay!

  8. One of my favorites is finding a complete blue butterprint set for only $10! They looked as though they had been used to plant flowers, inside each bowl was a lot of dirt. But once washed they showed themselves to be in perfect condition. Absolutely beautiful Refridgerator set, WOW!

  9. Hi, I came across your blog a couple of weeks ago through flickr, and I really enjoy reading it!! I have been collecting pyrex for about 7 years and I could probably tell you where I found everything and how much I paid for it. Every piece has a story to go along with it! Love the friendship pieces. I have yet to find any of these bowls!

  10. Funny, your pink butterprint, my mom has that set in blue and she probably got it when my parents got married in the mid 60's and she still uses them.

  11. laughing at myself. nearly 40 years ago i received the green spring blossom cinderella set as a wedding gift. sold it about 25 years ago at a garage sale for a "song" (and no box). who knew? =)

  12. Recieved 12 pieces of Butterprint in Turqoise, mint condition for Christmas. It was ultra special since it is the same pattern my mother had. She died when I was 12.

  13. I have the Cinderella set, well part of it, in turqoize in the butterprint. I received the set as a wedding present. All that's left is the largest bowl. I also have the large and small of the sunflower set. Would love to replace the middle dish. My mother shared a mixed set of the refrigerator dishes. I had a set of the Spring Blossom dishes. Shall we just say, I like the turq. butterprint better. I gave that set to a friend's son when he was going out on his own!

  14. Probably my turquoise spirograph promotional casserole!

  15. Just found this Pyrex series of yours and it's very helpful! I just started collecting thanks to some hand-me-downs of my mom's... never thought of checking Craigslist, off to do that now! :)


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