2022 in Review

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Happy New Year! Is it already too late to say that? I hope your year is off to a good start so far. I took a bit of an unplanned break the last month, but I'm back today to wrap up 2022. Let's look at some creative highlights from the year and how I did on my crafty goals!

First up, my yardage tracking. This was my seventh year tracking my yardage! I can't believe I've been doing that for this long. As usual I tracked both my fabric and yarn yardage. (See how I do that in this post.) My goals in this area are the same each year: to use up more materials than I bring in. I'm happy to say I acheived this in both fabric and yarn this year!

For fabric, I used up almost 75 yards and bought only 20 yards worth of fabric. Not too shabby! I'm not using up (or giving away/destashing) as much fabric each year as I did when I first started tracking, but I'm also bringing in about a tenth of the fabric I was.

2022 was the fourth year in a row that I haven't bought any yarn. As I (hopefully) explore crochet more this coming year that streak will probably come to an end, but I'm really happy about this. It has been so nice to just use up my stash and enjoy the beautiful yarns I already have.

2022 Fabric Stash Totals
Used up: 74.75 yards
Brought in: 20 yards
Net: -54.75 yards

2022 Yarn Stash Totals
Used up: 3494 yards
Brought in: 0 yards
Net: -3494 yards

Time to look at some of my favorite projects from the year!

My favorite quilt finish: Vintage Bear Paw Quilt

My favorite lined drawstring bag finish: Ruler Paper Drawstring Bag
ruler bag

My favorite bag finish: Michael's Waxed Canvas Travel Bag

My favorite home decor finish: Abstract Fabric Artwork

My favorite yarn craft finish: Crochet Scrap Yarn Basket

My favorite woodworking finish: Dusty's Hidden Litter Box Cabinet

One of my (unspoken) goals for last year was to recommit to blogging on a regular schedule. With the exception of December, I exceeded my own expectations in terms of this goal. In 2021, I published 36 blog posts. In 2022, I published 103 blog posts! To be honest, I think I may have overextended myself a bit, so I am aiming for a little less this year, but it was nice to be back here so regularly.

I shared 16 informational or tutorial posts in 2022:
- New and Improved Stash Tracking Worksheet (with Formulas!)
- DIY Abstract Fabric Artwork
- Ideas for Storing and Organizing Sewing Notions
- Tips for Dyeing Raw Eggs
- Fabric Folding Video Tutorial
- Indigo Courthouse Steps Quilt Tutorial
- Easy DIY Row Markers for Quilting
- Tips for Keeping Your Sewing Room Clean
- DIY Budget Wooden Tomato Trellis
- Tips for Dusting and Displaying Vintage Dishes
- Packing Tips for a Sewing Retreat or Workshop
- The Cheap Secret to Preventing Fabric Bleeding in Quilts
- Making Templates for the Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern
- Patchwork Star Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial
- Tips for Tidy Drawstring Casing Openings
- Tips for Working with Paracord

In the second half of the year I went on a pattern writing spree! I managed to release six new patterns in 2022:

Candyweb Quilt Block Pattern

Expanse Quilt Pattern

Indigo Steps Quilt Pattern

Keep Turning Quilt Pattern

Floral Chain Quilt Pattern

Vintage Bear Paw Quilt Pattern

Now a quick look back at my 2022 Crafty Goals. I think I did okay this year. Better than last year at least!

Sewing & Quilting Goals:

Use up more yardage than I bring in. I'll track my yardage each month to help me stay on target.
I decreased my fabric stash by 54.75 yards this year!

Complete two long-term quilt projects (all green quilt, double wedding ring, vintage sheet bear paw, Night Sky, HST book quilt tops, etc.).
I completed three long-term quilt projects: Floral Chain Quilt (all green quilt), Vintage Bear Paw Quilt, and one lingering HST book quilt top.

Sew a quilt primarily from scraps.
I started a quilt primarily from scraps, my Candyweb blocks.

Make a few more pieces of fabric/patchwork artwork.
I made one, it hangs above our mantle!

Sew four handmade garments.
I only made one garment this year, a housecoat for Michael. He loves it.

Knitting Goals:

Use up more yardage than I bring in. I'll track my yardage each month to help me stay on target.
I decreased my yarn stash by 3494 yards this year!

Complete four weaving projects.
I only completed one weaving project this year.

Finish current mitten project.
I worked on it, but did not finish it.

Finish/frog a shawl project.
Again, I worked on my Briochealicious shawl project but did not finish or frog it.

Finish at least one pair of machine knit socks.
Didn't touch this project.

And that's it! I'll be back soon to share my 2022 garden wrap up post plus my 2023 crafty goals!

Have Great Day!


  1. You had a very good year. Congratulations.

  2. I love reading posts like these -- last year was the first that I actually created a studio goals list - in the past I had more time and kept it in my head, but last year I wrote all my goals down and finished quite a few of them! I made my goals for this year and am excited to work on them. I 'll have to write a post of my own to document. Happy sewing!

    1. I'm glad to hear that! That's awesome, it helps me to have them written out too. Happy Sewing!

  3. This post is enormously satisfying to me. I love how you track your fabric and yarn use (been following you for a few years no), and I'm so impressed with your fabric usage this past year - wow. I also love your photos and explanations - so clear and lovely. My top three finishes from you are the abstract wall piece, the crochet basket, and your amazing, glorious Bear Paw quilt. Completely inspiring!! You've had a hugely successful year - thanks so much for sharing!

  4. It was a very productive year for you!! I enjoyed your regular blogging and beautiful projects.

  5. I always enjoy your blog and admire how you keep track of things! I made the briochealicious shawl and it took forever but it’s one of my favorite knits and so cozy! Don’t give up I’m working on my own set of crafty goals to post this year (and more blogging as well!)

    1. Thank you! Good to know, I'm sure if I worked on it more consistently I could get it finished. Maybe this year!!

  6. Between you and Debbie @aquilterstable, I've been influenced to start tracking fabrics in/out. Though I've been very modest in my purchases the last few years (aware that the older I get, the less likely I am to get it all used up), it will be good to put an exact number to my efforts. Good for you to make so many quilts, and write patterns. Here's to a great 2023!

    1. Hooray!! I love seeing the numbers too, it really helps motivate me! Happy 2023 to you!

  7. Jeni, I have so enjoyed reading your first post of the year, thank you for sharing your successes this year - mine would be far, far fewer sad to say. Your quilts are beautiful and I'm inspired to think of making two that I see here, I love the Expanse quilt for using favourite fabrics, l love your shot of fabrics arranged so very neatly and of course your photos of Dusty.


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